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  1. Feed your pet a good and high-quality foods
  2. Take them for a walk every day for at least half an hour
  3. Provide them with the needed vaccination on time
  4. Keep a clean and hygienic environment for them
  5. Visit Vet on a weekly/monthly basis
  6. Engage and do not leave them alone for a long time
  7. Provide them with a good and comfortable shelter
  8. Keep them away from dust and allergies
  9. Love them unconditionally, treat them like your family, talk to them

Your dog's safety needs to be first when you are bathing him in a bathtub. No matter how you decide to bathe him in the bathtub, use a towel or a non-skid mat to keep your dog from slipping and sliding while in the tub. Some dogs love to take baths in the tub, and some dogs absolutely hate it.

The research is clear — the love and companionship from pets does wonders for your mental and physical health. Pet owners are often happier, have greater self-esteem, and are more physically fit. When you adopt a pet, you don't just improve the quality of their life — they help improve the quality of your life, too

The term for when people and pets eat non-edible objects is called pica. In dogs, this can manifest as an almost compulsive urge to eat non-digestible items such as rocks, sticks and dirt. It's believed that animals with pica may lack essential minerals or other nutrients in their diet.

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