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Our Vision...

Lucky Veterinary Clinic  understands that veterinary medicine is constantly evolving. We strive on a daily basis to maintain our position as pioneers in the veterinary community. To achieve this goal, we strive to ensure our clinic always remains a state-of-the-art facility with up-to-date technology and treatment protocols. This is our personal dedication to providing quality veterinary care to all of our patients.

Our Mission...

Is to establish a client-centered facility that provides outstanding customer service, costeffective solutions, unprecedented medical standards, while never losing sight of our patients and clients ever-changing needs. We will achieve this high standard by providing, at all levels, a professional and growth-motivated working environment, by committing ourselves to the education of our clients and providing humane and caring medical services to all of
our clients.

Our Value System...

We value our client’s opinions and concerns, always.
We value our client’s trust and satisfaction with our services, always.
We value our client’s dedication to helping and healing their friends, always.
We value our employee’s hard work.
We value our employee’s suggestions.
We value the team’s dedication toward company growth.
We value our responsibility to provide a safe working environment.
We value each other, as individuals, and each other’s personal respect.
We value ownership for giving us the opportunity to perform work.
We value the patient and their needs.
as team, must make the dedication to uphold this value system. The statements
contained on this page are the staple nourishment for our continual growth.
Our Practice Philosophy

It is the philosophy of this practice to maintain at all times good business practices, a sound Professionalism in our manner with clients, and the highest standards in veterinary medicine. We will provide our clients and patients with the best possible service and care in a professional manner. We will operate with the following objectives:

To run our hospital on a financially sound basis.
To provide a professional and growth-motivated environment for our staff, which will in turn, promote teamwork and communication among our staff.
To uphold all legal and ethical aspects of the field of veterinary medicine
To encourage and support our staff to obtain certifications, participate in continuing education and professional development.
To uphold our strict standards of medical and client service, while maintaining Competitive prices.

About us

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