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Our Team

Dr.Yalda Motavali

Education : Veterinary Doctor, specialist in small animals DVM,MVSc Position : Head Vet,CEO Turkish/Iranian, have graduated from Iran and Canada. I have stablished LVC since 2010 in Dubai.

Dr.Nedjma Behloul

Education: Doctor of veterinary Medecine, Position: Vet assistant I am from Algeria, Joined LVC two years back, I would love to continue my practice and be a licensed vet soon.

Anna Lopez

Hi, I am Ana Liza from the Philippines working as receptionist in Lucky Veterinary Clinic, I ensure all the phone calls must be answered and the appointment will be booked and follow up. Greet all the Pet lover coming in the clinic let them to feel at home. Service with the Smile

Elbert Alvarez

Hi, I am Elbert Alvarez from The Philippines I joined in LVC in December 2010 as General Assistant, As an Animal Lover with pets training experience. I make sure that the Clinic is Clean and Hygenic at all times,walking the boarded pets is Fun, and always happy to see new pets at the Clinic.

Ahmed Sabri

Position: Driver from Egypt, joined LVC since 2010. I am helping for pet lovers as a pet taxi for relocating them and attending home visits I have always loved pets and I have a husky baby myself.I sometimes take care of the in-house pets as well when they need help in the clinic.


Education : Veterinary Doctor, DVM,Position : Veterinarian From Egypt have graduated from Cairo university, Working Since 2007 as a vet and joined to LVC Since Jan 2013.


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