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Veterinary Exam

Your trip to the veterinarian is almost as much about educating you as checking out your pet. Besides your many questions and concerns, you need to bring with you to the exam room.  Is whatever health information you have, such as records of vaccinations and worming’s. While answering your questions, your veterinarian will likely do the following:

Weigh your pet and check her temperature as well as her pulse and breathing rate.
Listen for heart and lung abnormalities and examine other internal organs by palpating, or feeling them.
Give your pet ears a going-over to ensure they not only look right but also smell right — no infections or parasites.
Go over eyes, nose, skin, and the anal region carefully to check for discharge or other signs of disease or parasites.
Open the pets  mouth to see that teeth and gums look as they should.

Depending on the situation whether your pet is healthy or not healthy some other tests might be conducted, or other recommendations like hospitalization of your pet might be recommended.


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